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Sick Of Lower Back Pain? What Are Some The Common Causes I see In My Studio?

Poor movement patterns, big muscles not working causing the overloading of lumbar spine. One of the general rules with your lower back movement is that rotation shouldn't come from lumbar discs, if you are are twisting from lumbar spine there is too much sheer force on the discs.

Turning should be done from the Thoracic or middle to upper spine and also from your hips similar to a golf swing. Watch young children this is how we should all turn!

Another big cause i see frequently as mentioned! The bigger muscles such as the butt muscles not working or weak. Let's look at some of the functions of the gluteus!

  1. Stabilize the pelvis including the lower back!

  2. Responsible for hip extension such as coming up from a squat!

  3. Stabilizing the knee so it doesn't cave in!

So what does this tell us? If your butt muscles aren't working or weak sooner or later you are going to lower back pain or injury!

95 percent of people who come to see me have gluteus or butt issues!

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