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Empathy Gets Results!

Updated: Mar 12

What is the most forgotten integrity in our business?


I have a client who had to go to England to look after her ailing Mum for a couple of months. We booked an on line session but unfortunately she didn't come on line. my client emails later to tell you that they are stressed out beyond belief, physically, mentally and emotionally. Can we reschedule later this week? Either way they will pay for session.

What option would you think a health professional would take?

  1. Get annoyed and tell them they will charge anyway and won't be able to do another session until next week eek!

  2. Put yourself in their shoes, let them know that you understand how tough that can be! And yes we can reschedule for the same time at the end of the week. Even if you are unable to reschedule show empathy to their situation, and tell them you are with them every step of the way!

Sadly a lot of health professionals will choose option one. The last two decades I have seen a dramatic demise in Empathy amongst health professionals!

For me I would always choose option one in this case, it's the corner stone who I am as a person and what my training systems are built on to help you get rid of pain and injury!

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