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Important Info That You May Not Know That Fitness Influences Don't Know about!

I'm going to start off by saying, I have been in the fitness profession for over 25 years now does that mean I know everything? Heck no! However I have had very good mentors and worked with many different health professionals such as Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Orthopedic surgeons, sports and exercise Physicians in solid collaboration to add to my knowledge.

Here in Hamilton the most common mostly avoidable injuries are Rotator cuff and elbow. I have a saying! If your rotator cuffs are weak you're shoulders are weak. Trouble is when people go to the gym they go straight to the shoulder press machine or go and grab some dumbbells and lift them out to the side. Sadly these are the go to exercise too frequently. If you haven't strengthened your rotator cuffs first these lifts will compromise the stability of your shoulder. Ever noticed that when a lot of people go and do a shoulder press machine that you will see the upper trapezius muscles lift up (upper neck). Not a good thing as it means they are overworking. Remember the shoulder is the most mobile joint of the body so it's at the most risk of injury, and boy have I worked with many shoulders on my clients.

Reach out if you wish me to cover other area's or ask me a question!

Sweet as!


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