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A little bit about Pain

Updated: Mar 12

Current research is telling us now that 80 percent of the population is now living in some kind of pain and only 20 percent of us are living in pleasure! Incredible statistics!

Pain is made by the brain there are no pain receptors in our body! There are trillions of senses in the brain and some only respond when things get dangerous, too hot, too much stretch, or some damage, and they trigger a danger message to the brain. These messages are not pain.

Let's talk about it in an exercise role. It is crucial how we handle those danger signals so our brain doesn't make the pain. If you handle those signals by doing too much your brain will make pain and give you a high fight for flight response to a particular movement. Every time you go and do that movement again your body will tense up with it's perception that it's going to be painful.

What we need to do to is do exercise pacing or less volume! How do we do that? Say for example we are doing a squat we only focus on the movement not trying to get a certain number of reps out. It may only be 1 or 2 reps of that movement, I have had a fair share of clients who could only do that. If we take our exercise to the pain repetition then we just keep turning that fight for flight switch on over and over and we could be dealing with pain for the rest of our life!

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