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Personal Training, Progressive Rehab And Pain Specialist

My passion is to work with people who want results but may have a condition or injury and don’t have the know how to do it safely.  

So I can help whether you’re trying to minimize pain, lose body fat when recovering from an injury, wanting to improve performance or have an existing health issues

We get results immediately!

We are the leaders of sustainable exercise progressions


         Subscription Membership What Differs              From The Rest

  •  This is a sustainable program service that will cover exercises for all your injuries and pain!

  • Exemplary follow up service!

  • None of the workouts will be intimidating to anyone!

  • The workouts are non invasive!

  • We will give you situations where injury and pain could happen in each exercise and modifications you can make to stop it from happening!

  • Can be done anywhere anytime!

  • Limited or no equipment needed!

  • One to two new workouts added each week!

  • Short effective workouts only 20 to 30 minutes!

  • Weekly run subscription service! 

  • 7 day FREE TRIAL!




Steve has personally been touched by cancer so he has shown me a lot of empathy.   I have 2.5 years until I am out of remission.
Physically and mentally working alongside Steve and taking small steps towards rehabilitation has given me the focus to carry on and move forward.

Rhonda Davies, Breast cancer survivor

In February 2010 my daughter suffered a serious knee injury.
Prior to the injury she had set herself a goal of winning a national Juvenile Wrestling title.
The injury had resulted in her believing that this goal was lost to her.
Steve immediately took charge of her physical training and stayed in constant contact with Anne Marie’s physiotherapist Ralph Manning.   He constantly re evaluated and adjusted her training to such a professional degree that in just 8 weeks Anne Marie went to British Columbia and won a bronze medal at the National championships.

John Wilbert: Sensei
Rikidokan Judo owner and Coach
P.E.I Canada

Steve has provided me with a complete personally tailored fitness program to help me recover core strength, flexibility and stress relief from the results of colon cancer.  In just 9 months, twice a week with Steve and four days on my own following his workout plan I have seen significant results,  from the low of major surgery,  anaemia and weakness to a position of strength and a sense of well being. Steve understands the biomechanics of an individual and knows what is needed to bring about a balanced, challenging fun program.

Stephanie Leadbeater: Alberta Canada     Previous Commonwealth Games 400 metre hurdles competitor


I started seeing Steve over lock down for a bad lower back. I had an initial diagnosis
session where Steve identified a few things. I told Steve I play golf, he then set about
tailoring a fitness and dynamic stretching regime that was different every session
designed to adjust tilt issues in my hips. I highly recommend Steve particularly if you
want to do it from home. BTW we had some great discussions about the rugby.
cheers Steve, I'll get things sorted out from my end and will probably come back

Mike Perkins

Through lockdown I had an issue with my knee extreme pain and could barely move.
Thanks to Steve's huge knowledge and experience he was able to assess me and put
me back on the road to recovery. After 2 days there was extremely amazing
improvement. Continuing to follow his direction every day is progress.
Thank you, Steve, for saving me
keep up the fabulous work.

Natalie Nicholls

I started seeing Steve as I had imbalances from past surgeries, neurological issues and
compensation patterns from pain. Every session is different, and Steve is more than
willing to work with recommendations from other health care professionals. I am now in a
position to be able to participate in F45. Would recommend Steve to anyone wanting to
improve pain levels through movement.

Sjaan Cane