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I would not be still skiing and cycling at 53 if it weren’t for you working with me on rehab for my back injury 10 years ago now!   Struth!

Michelle Thompson P.E.I Canada


I had scoliosis surgery and 6 months later I decided to hire a trainer to get my back strong again.  I had met with a few trainers and each of them was afraid to train me as they were unfamiliar with the type of rehabilitation needed after my surgery. When I met Steve he was very confident that he could help me.   He gently pushed me to my limits and got the results I wanted.   Steve is  kind hearted and genuine personal, someone who truly takes an interest in your life and health.

Nicole Mead
P.E.I Canada


Professional sports and health practitioners


P.E.I Canada

I hired Steve as a PT to prepare for the Canadian Death Race, an Ultramarathon in the Canadian Rockies. 17000 feet altitude gain and loss, 125 kilometres and 24 hours to complete, with timed checkpoints!
I successfully completed it as a soloist in a time of 22 hours and change. I was a client of Steve’s for close to three years until he returned home to his beloved New Zealand.
Steve worked with a wide variety of clients and was a trainer of high integrity, conscientious to detail, and collaborative in nature. Steve was always adding to his skill set through professional development.


P.E.I Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Steve as he worked with Stephanie Leadbeater,  a former world class hurdler and fellow cancer survivor.
We shared the journey over almost three years and hundreds of sessions with Steve.   We both believe him to be an example of the best in his profession.

ian reid pic (2).jpg


Rikidokan Judo owner and Coach
P.E.I Canada

Steve has always taken a vested interest in our athletes,  attending many events to support them personally.  He has also attended many practices and is always intent on learning more about our sport.
Together we have helped our athletes win numerous national Judo and freestyle wrestling titles.


Orthopedic surgeon

P.E.I Canada

Steve Mallett and I worked closely together on many cases.  I enjoy the comfort of knowing my patients are well looked after by a concerned qualified trainer. With Steve the lines of communication are always open, each patient’s specific objectives are achieved.

Workout Lesson


Anglesea Clinic Physiotherapy Hamilton New Zealand

I have found Steve to be a very knowledgeable personal trainer regarding appropriate rehabilitation programs for two of my patients.

He has a holistic approach to not only the injury that they are recovering from but also the attentiveness to other health challenges they are presented with.  

I have no hesitation in recommending Steve to clients who are seeking a personal trainer as part of their ongoing management.

Every person has their own unique strengths to build on in order to break through barriers, what are yours?

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